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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Just about time to unplug the mini lava light

That's the USB powered one on top of my monitor here on the job. Meaning that it is just about time to go home for the weekend. There is still some cleaning to do before Grandbaby Astin brings his mom and dad up for a visit tomorrow and certainly a run to the grocery store for those things we didn't get last Sunday.

The carpet decision has been made and the professional measuring person should be coming to do their part early next week. The Home Depot got our business with their 10% sale and a carpet design called "Crochet." I couldn't find a picture link, so you'll just have to guess what it looks like. Due to the timeline of getting it measured and estimated, the carpet ordered, then delivered, and then getting on the installer's schedule, we will be cutting it very close if we want the new carpet on the floor before Christmas. We'll see.

This weekend promises lots of schoolwork, perhaps a trip to the gunshow and possibly a trip to the desert for some shooting. There's no skiing planned as there just isn't any snow! And no snow in the 7 day forecast either...

And I have to buy a baby high chair today for Astin's visit tomorrow!

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